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Philippine Travel Tips

Philippine Travel TipsPhilippines is composed of 7107 islands. So that means that there are hundreds of tourist spots that you can visit. Traveling to the Philippines is fun and exciting. Every place that you visit in here has different dialects and culture. But most of the people understands and speak English.

Trip to the Philippines is enjoyable and exciting because you can see the many wonders of the country. But still the trip can be spoiled by some uncertain events that cannot be avoided. Sometimes this is due to the improper planning and lack of knowledge about the country. Etravel Pilipinas has compiled some useful travel information that will help travelers make there trip more entertaining. Etravel Pilipinas also has comprehensive compilation of hotels with casino bonus, beach resorts and tourist attractions.

  • First of all, you must always carry your passports, visas and any other traveling documents with you and don't lose them.

  • Light cotton clothing is best to wear all-year round. Philippines is hot and dry during during summer from March to May. The temperature is 78F/25C to 90F/32C and mean humidity is at 77%.

  • During rainy season which is from June to October, always bring umbrella, rain gear and heavy clothes. Especially when you are in the mountainous areas.

  • The best month to visit the Philippines is January, May and December because you can witness the colorful festivals and fiestas in which most travelers wanted to see it.

  • People speaks and understand English and it is always used when he/she is with a foreigner. The national language in the Philippines is Tagalog. Philippines has more than a hundred dialects.

  • Comfortable footwear is best to use because you will always travel by foot.

  • You must always bring insect repellant, water and a map when you touring to remote areas.

  • You must know the transport schedules because destinations are being scheduled. If by boat you must also know the weather because weather conditions affects these schedules.

  • Most of the land transportation available that can get you going around are jeepney, tricycle or pedicab. Some provinces and cities has taxis but some don't have. You must always have loose change when you take public transportation. Taxis cost 30 Php and additional 2.50 Php will be added every 500 meters.

  • In Church and business offices, you can wear semi-formal dress or casual clothing. Restaurants and Hotels impose no dress code but wearing shorts and slippers are not allowed.

  • Credit Cards like Visa, MasterCard, Diners, Amex and American Express are accepted in all establishments like hotels with casino game, restaurants, shops, malls and tour operators. Travelers cheques are also accepted at major establishments.

  • Tipping is expected in all services. All hotels and restaurants already have a policy of adding 10% service charge to your bills. But still it is to the customers discretion that he will give a tip to show gratitude to a person that serves him/her.

  • Peso (P or Php) is the currency or monetary unit of the Philippines. Banknotes denominations are 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1,000 Pesos. Coins denominations are 5, 10 and 25 centavos as well as 1, 2, 5 and 10 Pesos.

  • Communications is not a problem here in the Philippines. Hotels already has internet and phone facilities. If outside the hotel, you can go to cybercafes or phone booths. If you have a Cellphone, just buy a cellphone sim card (Globe, Smart and Sun). Any where in the Philippines you can use it. Calling family and friend back home is not a problem anymore.

  • Look for authorized money changer or Philippine Banks to exchange your money into Peso. You must carry sufficient amount of Philippine money when you travel to provinces or remote areas.

  • For tourist information and assistance, look for the Department of Tourism and any of its accredited offices nationwide.


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