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Bulacan Philippines Travel Guide, Destinations and Attractions

Biak na Bato BulacanBulacan is one of the province that is very rich in history, culture and tradition in the Philippines. This is one of the places that Filipino heroes and patriots came from. Bulacan is also the home of the many talented Filipino in the field of arts, music and literature. Bulacan is also one of the province that fought for freedom against the Spaniards. Bulacan is one of the province that is a melting pot of the past and the present, the old and the new, the countryside and the urbane.

Bulacan is a province that was founded in 1578. The province of Bulacan holds a very special place in the Philippine history. The descendants of Bulakenyos are refugees from Bagumbayan during the British occupation of Manila from 1762 to 1764. At that time the people of Bulacan is strengthening the Tagalog identity of the province. During the Spanish period, there are many historical events that happened here in Bulacan in the fight for freedom. The most famous is the Biak na Bato Pact in 1897 which signifies the first phase if the Philippine Revolution. The first Constitution of the Philippine Republic was drafted at Barasoain Church in Bulacan by the leaders of the Philippine independence in the Malolos Congress in 1898.

Th Province of Bulacan is the home of many Philippine Heroes and Partiots such as Marcelo H. del Pilar and his brother Gregorio del Pilar. Not only Filipino Heroes were born here but also talented people in the field of arts, music and literature such as Francisco Balagtas and Jose Corazon de Jesus who is popularly known by his pen name Huseng Batute. Until now, Bulacan is the only province who produce the most national artists that includes Amado Hernandez and Virgilio Almario for literature; Francisco Santiago and Antonino Buenaventura for music; Honarata dela Rama for theater; and Jose Joya for visual arts. There precious works are showcased at Malolos City’s Hiyas ng Bulacan Museum.


Barasoin Church BulacanThe province of Bulacan is still preserving the Filipino culture music that is handed down from generation through the lifting if sounds of bamboo. There is a popular and unique orchestra band name Pangkt Kawayan in Bulacan that draws music from unconventional bamboo instruments. The instruments are are made of bamboo in different sizes, shapes and design that is so unique that only in Bulacan you can find. Ato Magat,age 74, is the only living founder of the band in which he claims that her designed most of the instruments himself. The band is composed of musically-talented students and their songs ranges from folksongs to some light classics, to modern and pop music.

People of Bulacan are also skillful in arts and crafts like making the cut pastillas wrappers in San Miguel, exquisite jewelry from Meycauayan, and singkaban bamboo arches that adorn churches and streets during fiestas. Bamboo crafting is also one of the main source of income here in Bulacan. With the use of bamboo, skillful bamboo craftsmen can make bamboo furniture, towel holders, wine and candle holders, trays, picture frames and other decorative and religious items. Hut that are made of bamboo are also made which is popularly used in resorts and even home gardens. The most traditional and oldest use of bamboo in Bulacan is in making the "singkaban". Bamboo is also widely use in making bamboo decors for Santacruzans and parades. Bamboo is also used in making Christmas trees and lanterns.

Singkaban Festival

The popular Festival in the Province of Bulacan is the Singkaban Festival. Singkabal festival is a festival of arts and culture in honor of the patron saint of the province, Our Lady of Victory. Singkaban Festival shoecases the traditional arts of "Balagtasan", folk dances and "kundiman" amidst a display of Singkaban arches. The festival is celebrated in every second week of September which is in conjunction with the "Linggo ng Bulakan".

The hightlight of this year's Singkaban is the Kawayan Festival. The theme of the Festival is "Bagong Bulakenyo: maka-Diyos, makatao at makakalikasan, mapagmahal sa pamilya, tapat sa bayan, hinutok ng panahon tulad ng Kawayan". The bamboo is a metaphor for the "Bagong Bulakenyo".


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