Sports Tourism Industry in Aklan Province Western Visayas

Written on March 22, 2009 – 2:32 am | by Etravel |

In Western Visayas, The province of Aklan is preparing to embrace sports tourism. This is in addition to boast tourism in the province. Since the white beaches of the Boracay Island has already been the host to several international and national water and beach sports for several years that are organized by private stakeholders in the resort island. The sports events that aklan will be hosting are the beach volleyball, the international kiteboarding and windsurfing competitions and many more.

The P55-million Calangcang Sports Complex project in Makato has been proposed so that Aklan in Western Visayas will be an alternative sports destination in he next few years. Through this sports complex, the province of Aklan will could now have sports tourism industry and this will boast the tourism in the province. National and international sports organizers will be invited to have sports events in Calangcang or in Boracay Island.

In this project, it could create livelihood and jobs in the area. There will be athletes coming to this place from all regions. Not only in the country but also international athletes for the competition. This is a great opportunity for the locals

Meanwhile, the Aklan provincial government will receive on Friday the Western Visayas Private Schools Athletic Association (WVPRISAA) flag from Capiz province as a signal that Aklan is prepared to host the regional athletic competitions next year.

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