Philippines World-class Health and Wellness Attracts Japanese Ladies

Written on October 8, 2007 – 6:36 am | by Etravel |

The exotic features of the Philippines world-class health and wellness products, services and facilities attracted many Japanese women to come here in the country for health and wellness. This was reported by the Department of Tourism Team Japan Head Director Benito C. Bengzon Jr. to the Tourism Secretary Joseph Ace H. Durano.

Philippines participation in the 2007 World Travel Fair that was held recently in Tokyo Japan was very successful. The Department of Tourism showcased Philippines as a world-class and exciting health and wellness tourist destination. This is why the Dot are expecting Japanese female travelers to come here to experience the exotic world-class health and wellness products, services and facilities.

During the 2007 World Travel Fair, the Department of Tourism features the showcase in the Philippine booth the magnifient design concept around the health and wellness. The showcase highlighted the prime tourist destination and the sample world-class facilities such as the massage nook with two Japanese attendants providing 10 minute “hilot” treatments to the visitors. The attendants use the ylang-ylang, sampaguita and other indigenous Filipino essences and oils for the massage that it is a big hit among the Japanese ladies, ho asked about health and wellness package tours to the Philippines.

In Japan, the traditional Filipino massage therapy called “Hilot” is very popular. In fact a Cebu Hilot spa is established in Nanja town, Sunshine City, Ikebukuro, Tokyo. The wall-sized photo at the backdrop that features a Japanese icon Anne Watanabe who is sunbathing on a white-sand beach is a big help in promoting the Philippines tourist spots. The Philippines exhibits comprised a nature and culture inspired showcase focusing on a person’s “Wellness From the Inside Out”.

The Department of Tourism campaign targets the 7.2 million Japanese women in their 20′s to 50′s who travel overseas to Asian destinations. The Japanese arrivals in the country increases because of the already established “Premium Resort Islands Philippines” brand which jumpstarted the DoT’s marketing campaign in Japan in 2004. Now a new brand was promoted through the “Wellness From the Inside Out” campaign and attracts Japanese ladies. this new carries a new and exciting imagery of the Philippines as a multi-dimensional destination that offers many various activities and world-class services that will accommodate and pamper tourists especially Japanese women.

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