Palawan is Voted as Tourist Destination with Best Beaches in Asia

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Palawan is on top again and voted as a tourist destination with Best Beaches in all Asia. Palawan was voted by Conde Nast Traveler, a reputable publication and has the largest circulated and most popular travel magazine in the United States. Palawan’s winning points was the magnificent and outstanding natural attractions such as the Tubbataha Reef Marine Park and St. Paul Subterranean River National Park. These two sites are some of the most popular and known tourist attractions and also are listed under the UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.

The popular US travel magazine, Conde Nast Traveler, is so impressed by Palawan’s 1,200 miles of sugary beaches wrapped around 1,780 pristine islands. This has attracted travelers around the world. Not only that, Palawan is also rich in culture and history. This pristine islands are the sunken land bridges that the Chinese traders used to cross from Borneo.

Tubbataha Reef Marine Park, which is listed under the UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, is situated southeast of Puerto Princesa City in Palawan. Tubbataha Reef Marine Park is one of the popular tourist attraction of the Philippines that is known worldwide. Tubbataha is a reef ecosystem made up of two atolls that lie on a lone of extinct underwater volcanoes. Tubbataha Reef Marine Park is a sanctuary of marine life that it has a magnificent and outstanding universal value in terms of marine wildlife species diversity and richness.

In Puerto Princesa, it has a enchanting and beautiful Subterranean River that features a magnificent limestone landscape with an underground river. This natural attraction is also known as St. Paul Underground River. This tourist attraction is also listed under the UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. The area contains a full ‘mountain-to-sea’ ecosystem and has some of the most important forests in Asia that it represents a significant habitat for biodiversity conservation.

Palawan also offers world class white sand beach resorts with crystal blue waters that tourist can enjoy such as the Miniloc Island Resort where it features crystalline waters rife with damselfish. The Lagen Island Resort which features their one-of-a-kind 51 over-water pavilions. The Amanpulo, Amanresorts which has 40 world class huts scattered along Pamalican Island’s powdery strand.

Palawan Philippines has many things to offer to visitors around the world. Palawan is named as the Last Frontier of the Philippines. Palawan has magnificent rainforest, world class white sand beaches, beautiful dive sites that are very rich in underwater wildlife, natural attractions that are so enchanting and captivating. Palawan is a paradise that travelers will surely fall in love with it’s 1,780 mostly uninhabited islands are the wonders of of this province. That is why Conde Nast Traveler, the popular US travel magazine, put Palawan as the Best Beach Overall in its October 2007 Issue of the The Great Asian Beach Finder.

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