Palawan as one of High-End International Destinations

Written on September 18, 2007 – 6:20 am | by Etravel |

Palawan Philippines is known as the last frontier by the renowned French explorer and marine researcher Jacques Cousteau. Palawan is rich in natural resources which has thick forest, spectacular tropical wilderness, world-class beaches, best diving site which are rich in underwater wildlife and one of the best tourist destination of the country. Palawan is one of the favorite diving destinations to diving enthusiasts. The island of Palawan is also a perfect island paradise getaway to people who wants to experience the tropical wilderness.

Because of these features, Palawan is listed as one of the high end tourist destination offerings of Mountain Travel Sobek and Wilderness Travel. These two are the leading international tour operators that cater high-end travel adventure. Mountain Travel Sobek and Wilderness Travel are considered as pioneers in offering travel packages to tourist and travelers around the world.

Palawan is now equally seated side by side to the top destinations in the world such as the Kayaking and snorkeling in the Calamian Archipelago, African safaris, Mt. Everest treks and other highly specialized tours to exotic destinations.

The main attraction that Mountain Travel Sobek and Wilderness Travel to tourist and travelers around the world about Palawan is the balanced ecological system and well-preserved natural resources. Palawan is best knwon for its rainforests and colorful marine wildlife which are very ideal for the adventure seekers. Travelers and tourists will discover how beautiful and enchanting Palawan is. Palawan has many to offer to tourist and travelers such as the magnificent tropical wilderness scenery, secluded sandy coves, wild primary rainforest, unexplored and empty beaches and the crystal-clear turquoise waters and unparalleled snorkeling in coral gardens.

Wilderness Travel includes snorkeling in Palawan under its WT Exploratory Expeditions for 2008. Destinations in this particular offering are considered the favorite places of the company’s expert trip leaders who designed the itineraries with the adventurous soul in mind.

In this, Palawan will be expecting a growing popularity in tourism and also as an alternative travel destination. So Philippines will look forward to an increased growth of tourist in the future.

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