Mindanao’s Next Major Tourist Destination is South Cotabato

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South Cotabato is one of the province in Mindanao that has a lot to offer in terms of tourism. It is rich in culture, history and natural tourist attraction. That is why the Department of Tourism has its eye on this province to be the next major tourist destination in Mindanao. South Cotabato as a major attraction can help sustain the tourism industry in the Philippines and will help grow the international traveler and investor interest in Mindanao.

The Department of Tourism secretary Joseph Ace Durano said that Davao City has capabilities to host foreign tourist with chartered flights from South Korea, Indonesia and Singapore. With this, the Department of Tourism is exploring other areas of Mindanao that has unexplored tourist spots and natural attractions which can generate interest and economic benefits of tourism.

Mindanao has many things to offer to foreigners. This region is very rich in cultural and natural attractions. Not only that, Mindanao is also rich in history and tradition. That is why the Department of Tourism has opened Mindanao to the rest of the world to share many things to foreigner and offer a unique and unforgettable experience.

South Cotabato Culture and Tradition

South Cotabato is very accessible and can be reach by tourist via General Santos City where it has an international airport. South Cotabato is famous because of the tranquil Lake Sebu, one of the country’s major watersheds and a rest stop for migratory birds. South Cotabato is the home of the indigenous highland people T’boli. The tribes culture and traditions are protected by the help of an international non-government organization. T’boli are well known to be the creators of t’nalak cloth that are made of abaca fiber woven into different design and symbolic patterns in black, red and white. Their skill are handed down from generations where t’nalak are perfectly made by hand. The indigenous people T’boli are also skillful in making crafts, native arts and handicrafts such as colorful and intricate beaded and brass headdresses, belts and other ornaments.

Historical, archaeological and ethno-cultural artifacts of the T’boli people are showcased in the Lake Sebu Museum, a native bamboo thatched house located within the tribal village. Tourist and visitors can witness the craft-making, cultural celebrations, tilapia fishing and the T’boli way of life in general.

South Cotabato Breathtaking Natural Attractions

South Cotabato has amazing and enchanting land and water natural attractions that could attract tourist and adventurers. South Cotabato has beautiful waterfalls such as the Seven Falls which provide good swimming spots and nature trails, the Lonon Falls which is the largest of the group that pours thousands of cubic meters of water to a natural pool. South Cotabato also has Mt. Matutum for mountaineers and trekkers which gives a beautiful and magnificent view. This mountain is 2,286 meters above sea level.

South Cotabato T’nalak Festival

South Cotabato is celebrating T’nalak Festival to promote the province as the newest destination in Mindanao. The highlights of the T’nalak Festival is the street dancing where the students have their amazing interpretations of their time-honored traditions that are handed down from generation. This make a very good impression to foreigners, tourist and travelers.

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