Coron Listed in Forbes Traveler’s Top 10 World’s Best Scuba Spots

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Coron, Palawan have been listed as one of the Top 10 best scuba sites in Forbes Traveler August 2007 Issue. As we all know that Forbes Traveler is a travel and leisure publication of the popular and leading international business and financial resource of Forbes Magazine. This means that Philippines has a greater opportunity that travelers around the globe especially diving enthusiasts can find our world’s best tourist destination such as dive sites. Forbes Traveler provides facts, information and reviews to readers who are travelers with sophisticated tastes. These reviews and information came from tour experts who are aware of the travelers likes.

In the article of Forbes Traveler “The World’s 10 Best Scuba Spots”, it acknowledge Coron as one of the world’s best wreck diving and an ideal spot for wreck divers because of the WWII Japanese Warships that are sunk here in Coron Bay. One of the expert panel member Jack Jackson said that the future for divers here is immense. Jack Jackson is an author, underwater photographer and member of the PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) network.

The article of Forbes Traveler also reveals the richness of Philippines and many natural wonders that is unique and can be an unforgettable experience for tourists. Philippines has many tourist spots that tourist are always amazed.

The top 10 list of the best scuba site of Forbes Travelers was deliberated by scuba and water sports experts such as Jack Jackson, Sport Diver Magazine Executive director Tom Morrisey, Scuba Diving Magazine editor–at–large Nick Lucey and Ocean First Divers Operations manager Amy Christopher. The criteria for judging the best scuba sites are: the quality of currents, favorability of water temperature, visibility level, as well as the diversity of marine life, caves and sunken vessels in deciding the best destinations. Coron Bay and Sudanese Red sea are the top recommendations for shipwreck divers.

In the list are Cocos Island in Costa Rica, the Blue Hole in Belize, Bali in Indonesia, Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the Providenciales (or Provo), Turks and Caicos islands in the Caribbeans, and Dinahs Beach in Papua New Guinea.

Coron which is situated in the southeast of Busuanga Island, Palawan. Coron is very accessible and you can go here by ferry or domestic plane from Manila. Coron holds the history in WWII that on September 24, 1944, US Navy plane bombarded the Japanese fleet entering our country. Some 12 cargo, warship and support vessels of the Japanese were sunk in Coron bay that became the home of underwater marine life and offers a magnificent and endless adventure to the divers of all skill levels. Coron is also home of Barracuda Lake, nicknamed the craziest dive site in the Philippines as it challenges divers to climb first the sharp limestone cliffs before reaching the water form that is part fresh and part saline. The area is a sanctuary to barracudas.

Philippines is a scuba diving paradise. Many divers from all over the world come here to explore our seas fro the great underwater scenic view and unique marine wildlife. That is why Philippine has great potential in terms of scuba diving and snorkeling. That is why Secretary Durano of the Department of Tourism is urging the local governments and community leaders of the coastal towns to to build up their areas for water sports and nature tours. In this, it could create great business opportunities like resorts, professional guides and transportation, while ensuring the protection of the environment.

The department of tourism features out top diving destination to the world especially in Europe and the US such as Palawan, Puerto Galera and Anilao. Not only that It also presents the countries world class water sports such as the Camarines Water Sports to the travel market.

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