Coral Reefs around Bohol Philippines

Written on May 10, 2009 – 6:49 am | by Etravel |

Considered a diver’s paradise, Bohol is surrounded with beautiful coral reefs that never fail to attract professional and even neophyte divers. In fact, one does not have to go deep into the sea just to get a glimpse of marine life in the island of Bohol. By just putting on snorkeling gear, one can already observe some of the corals at beaches in Panglao.

Bohol is surrounded by beautiful and color corals. It is also known that Bohol is also surrounded by large coral reefs. This is the reason why there are many professional and newbie divers want to experience diving in Bohol Philippines. Coral reefs in Bohol is very accessible to divers. Coral reefs makes the waters of Bohol very rich in marine life.

The coral reefs in Bohol is one of the prime tourist attraction in this island. Many tourists and visitors go here to see the underwater paradise around Bohol. Many species of corals and tropical fish can be found in this natural underwater living habitat.

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