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7th Edition of the Aliwan Festival 2009

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009 |

The biggest festival in Manila is set as the 7th edition of the Aliwan Festival 2009 is around the corner and will be celebrated this coming April 23 to 25, 2009 with lots of fun and excitement. The Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC) is now on high gear as they prepare the 7th edition of the Aliwan Fiesta 2009. There are lots of activities that are lines up in this year Aliwan Festival 2009. It will feature street dance competitions, float design and the Festival Queen (Reyna ng Aliwan) where these events are the highlights of the celebration.


The 16th Pana-ad sa Negros Festival 2009

Thursday, March 26th, 2009 |

The 16th Pana-ad sa Negros Festival will once again bring together the 13 cities and 19 towns of the Province of Negros Occidental in one exciting event of the year. The Pana-ad sa Negros Festival 2009, the biggest festival in Negros Ocidental and dubbed as the “Festival of Festivals” will be celebrated on April 18 to 25, 2009 at the Panaad Park and Stadium in Brgy. Mansilingan, Bacolod City, Philippines.


First Chinese New Year Festival in Davao City

Friday, January 16th, 2009 |

This will be the first Chinese New Year Festival that will be celebrated in Davao City. The said festival will be on January 26 to 31, 2009. The City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has signed Executive Order 1 series of 2009 created the executive committee of the said festival.


January Santo Nino Festivals in the Philippines

Thursday, January 1st, 2009 |

Here in the Philippines, the month of January is dedicated and devoted to Santo Niño, the Holy Child Jesus. There are lots of popular festivals in the country that is celebrating in honor of Santo Nino. Devotees to the Santo Nino all over the Philippines prepared themselves to celebrate with faith in the month of January.


The Iloilo Dinagyang Festival 2009 “On Higher Ground”

Sunday, December 28th, 2008 |

The much awaited festival of Iloilo, The Dinagyang Festival 2009, is on the move and was kick-off last December 1, 2008. The executive committee of the Dinagyang Festival is prepparing for this festival to fulfill its objective giving another best festival for tourist and local visitors. The local government of Ilolo together with the Executive Committee of the Dinagyang Festival 2009 and the Iloilo Dinagyang Foundation Incorporated (IDFI) promise to visitors especially the balikbayans and tourist that the Dinagyang Festival 2009 will be a fun-filled celeration and full of excitement.


Baguio City 14th Panagbenga Festival 2009

Monday, December 22nd, 2008 |

February is the month of celebration in Baguio City, the Summer Capital of the Philippines. The 14th edition of the Panagbenga Festival also known as the Flower Festival is a month long activities in Baguio. This year Panagbenga festival with its theme “Our festival…Yours, Too” has been launched as early as October 13, 2008.


The Grandest Sinulog Festival 2009 of Cebu City

Saturday, December 20th, 2008 |

One of the biggest and popular festival in the Philippines and is the most awaited by all, the Sinulog Festival will is set to take the center stage this coming January 18, 2009 in Cebu City Philippines. The Sinulog Festival 2009 is the grandest and the most anticipated festival in Central Visayas. The Sinulog Festival will again display its glorious and exciting celebration in honor of the Holy Child Jesus, The Santo Nino under “One beat, One dance, One vision”. Cebu City will celebrate the Sinulog Festival 2009 with many activities that are lined up by the organizers and local government from January 9-18, 2009 with the main event, the Sinulog Grand Parade.


797th Kalibo Aklan Sto. Nino Ati-atihan Festival 2009

Thursday, December 18th, 2008 |

The world famous Ati-atihan Festival of Kalibo Aklan, the Mother of all Philippine festival is fast approaching and the people of this province with the local government and festival organizers are busy preparing for the said event. The Ati-atihan festival 2009 of Kalibo Aklan always commence in the 3rd week of January and this year, the Ati-atihan Festival will be celebrated from January 13 to 19, 2009.


Bacolod City’s 29th Masskara Festival in October 2008

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008 |

October is fast approaching and the City of Bacolod is busy preparing for the biggest event, The Masskara Festival 2008. The streets of Bacolod City known as the City of Smiles will once again party with loud music. Visitors will enjoy watching hundreds of dancers dancing with colorful costume and decorated smiling mask.

Bacolod City's 29th Masskara Festival in October 2008

Masskara Festival, Philippines most colorful festival, will commence on October 1-21, 2008 with lots of excitement, surprises and activities that the local government of Bacolod and the Masskara Organizers has prepared in the upcoming event.


General Santos 10th Tuna Festival 2008

Friday, August 1st, 2008 |

General Santos 10th Tuna Festival 2008

General Santos will be celebrating its 10th Tuna Festival in commoration of the City’s 40th Charterhood Day that is scheduled from August 29 to September 7, 2008. This years 10th Tuna Festival, the theme is “A decade of fish-tivities and oppor-Tuna-ties”.

General Santos’ Tuna Festival 2008, you expect more surprises and exciting activities that the local government and organizers have prepared like the Sashimi Night, Tuna Congress, Tuna Float Competition, Ms. Gensan, The Karagatan Awards, the Bankarirahan and many more. There are other skills and talent competitions in the 10th Tuna Festival that could entertain the locals especially the local and visitor tourist to watch such as the Pop Idol Contest, the Cheerdance Pasiklaban Competition, The Body Fest, The Fish Fest at the Fort and the Tuna Culinary Skills Competition.


Kadayawan Festival 2008 of Davao is Celebration of Abundance

Friday, June 6th, 2008 |

Davao will once again celebrate Kadayawan Festival in high spirits this August 2008. The 2008 Kadayawan Festival in Davao city is a celebration of abundance where people of Davao is celebrating its bounty there is a need to value the earth, the land, the natural resources and harvest. This is a much awaited event that people of Davao city is waiting for. Also local and foriegn tourist want to come to Davao to experience the merry making in this year Kadayawan Festival 2008. The theme for this year’s Kadayawan Festival 2008 is “Musanay Lumadnong Kagikan, Yutang Kabilin Panalipdan” (“Flourishing Indigenous Heritage, Protecting Ancestral Nations”).

The 2008 Kadayawan Festival will be a grand celebration here in Davao City and the events of Kadayawan Festival will not be commercialized eventhough the tourism sector find interest in Davao’s Festival the Kadayawan Festival. This years 2008 Kadayawan Festival is open to everyone both tourist and local who wants enjoy the festivities and events. This is the main object of Davao city’s Kadayawan festival, to bring more guests especially tourist.


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