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Philippine Tourism News: Sogod Bay: New, Unpolished Jewel for Diving in the Pacific

Palawan is Voted as Tourist Destination with Best Beaches in Asia

Friday, December 14, 2007

Sogod Bay of Southern Leyte and the province has been featured by the reputable magazine of Philippine Airlines (PAL) in house publication the Mabuhay Magazine. The magazine named the Sogod Bay of Southern Leyte and the province as the "frontier destination in the Philippines" and a "new, unpolished jewel for diving in the Pacific."

Some of the foreign national who travel a lot around the Philippines that I have talked with has told me that Sogod Bay is a very good place for diving because of it is still unexplored and unexploited and it is rich in underwater unique marine life. Well right now it is revealed about the natural treasures that Sogod Bay has been waiting to be explored.

Carlos M. Libosada, Jr. who wrote the story about Sogod Bay said, "A new site in the Philippines has started to create a buzz in the diving community: Sogod Bay in the province of Southern Leyte has been continuously proving itself to be a new, unpolished jewel for diving in the Pacific," the three-paragraph article under the heading "Diving in Sogod Bay" began, spreading the cheer to diving enthusiasts.

"Until a few years ago, tourism was virtually unheard of here, save for some dive camps established in the town of Padre Burgos whose clients were having a great time enjoying the rich waters to themselves."

Now, Sogod Bay can join the ranks of the popular travel destination here in the Philippines especially in diving. Sogod Bay has diving potentials like all the popular diving spots here in the Philippines such as Boracay, Palawan, Panglao, Bolinao, Pangasinan, Pamalican island, Calicoan, Eastern Samar, and Anawangin, Zambales and many more.

Congressman Roger Mercado of this province is very happy to announced the good news to his live radio program about the publication of Sogod Bay and the province to the reputable magazine "Mabuhay Magazine". The congressman said that tourist, foreigners and visitors will enjoy the natural beauties of the province all year round. Congressman Roger Mercado has been promoting the province to be one of the tourism destination here in the Philippines.

The article also said that Sogod Bay is a perfect place for anybody who is searching for new places to swim and snorkeling and not only for scuba diving. If you want to encounter whale sharks then Sogod Bay in Southern Leyte is the right place to visit. You can also go to the fish sanctuaries and protected reefs established in most of the municipalities surrounding the bay.


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