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Philippine Tourism News: Fuente Triangle celebrates toping-off ceremonies for the Philippines’ Tallest Hotel Tower In Cebu

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Braving the Heights

Fuente Triangle celebrates toping-off ceremonies for the Philippines’ tallest hotel tower

Cebu City, Philippines

Toping-off is a term used in the construction industry to mean that a structure has reached its highest possible elevation. It is celebrated as a milestone, to signify the achievement of completing a most major phase in the building’s development.

In the case of Fuente Triangle and the dynamic team behind it, led by no less than top boss, the visionary Mr. Richard L. King, it may really mean that they are ‘topping off’ any other similar development not just in Cebu, but in the entire country. Or for those who were simply there to witness this awe-inspiring event, it simply means they were on top of the world.

And why not? With the elevation of more than 450 meters, this simply is the highest anyone can go in the entire country, as far as hotel structures are concerned. But more than that, this really is the highest building there is, outside the capital of Manila.

The unobstructed, 360-degree view was simply breathtaking. With the mountains on one end, and the seas on the other. And amidst the backdrop of a perfectly clear blue sky, with the strong yet gentle winds caressing one’s body and soul, the experience was nothing short of heavenly.

The Crown Regency Towers, as the development is officially called, is another major milestone for the people of Cebu, and the Philippines in general. Cebu, the oldest city in the country, is one of the Philippines’ top tourist destinations. And with neighboring Bohol, it boasts of fine white beaches, exciting natural resources, trips and adventures, warm and friendly people, and the food that is simply to-die-for (for more info, check out our exciting and affordable cebu-bohol packages).

Tourists from all over the world flock to this beautiful tropical island. And with a new and enticing hotel to now serve their travel needs, the more they will truly enjoy there stay in this Queen City of the South.

In fact, the hotel will be a tourist destination in itself. Three full floors have been designated for medical tourism needs of its clients. Especially since this is a core strength of the Philippines –medical care—, with the Philippines’ being a major source of excellent medical professionals in the world stage. State-of-the-art facilities will be installed, catering to a wide range of medical needs like executive check-ups, cosmetic surgeries, other specialties and the like. Administered no less than one of the most competent and caring medical professionals in the world. In a luxurious and truly relaxing hotel service and atmosphere, with the rates definitely cheaper than in similar institutions around the world.

On the top floors, it gets more and more exciting. One of the world’s most modern observatories will be put in place, guiding those searching for their stars to make their gaze better. View the cosmos from there. Count the constellations. Heck, you may even discover your own comet as you look through, not just one, but two very powerful telescopes.

A sky bar, protruding from one end of the building will likewise be constructed, with thick see-through glass floors, allowing the diner to see all the way down to the street way below, to give one an experience of ‘dining in the clouds.’

Other exciting rides and offerings will be in place like the Edge and so-called Insanity Rides, respectively. One of only two in the world; the first of which is currently a top tourist draw in Las Vegas. A ring akin to that of the Macau Tower will also be set up wherein guests are allowed to walk around the ledge, with only a harness to keep them from falling to the ground. If that is not insane, we don’t know what is!

The Towers are actually an integrated community of three excellent and related structures –-the hotel in Tower I; Club Ultima (, its members-only lifestyle component which is also open to hotel guests, in Tower II; and the condominium development in Tower III, for future residents and investors (for free reservations and more inquiries please email

So as ‘insane’ as Mr. King was once called even by his closest friends for such a ‘crazy’ idea, things are nonetheless definitely looking up for Cebu, and the country as a whole. For those bold enough to brave the heights. And if the ‘topping-off’ experience is any indication, then we can expect more and more milestones to come!

As the locals would put it, ‘Viva Cebu! Viva Pit Senyor, the people in Cebu chants in the Sinulog Festival which is celebrated in the Third Sunday of January to commemorate the Santo Niño. Sinulog is a dance ritual in honor of the miraculous image of the Santo Niño. The dance is performed to seek help from the Santo Niño and to thank Him for favors and blessings received.


Feedback to 'Fuente Triangle celebrates toping-off ceremonies for the Philippines’ tallest hotel tower'
Nancy Said

on November 28, 2007 at 2:43 am

Valuable information and resources for travellers who want to know more about the beauty of the Philippines.
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