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Philippine Tourism News: The Dinagyang Festival 2008 in Iloilo City

Dinagyang Festival 2008 in Iloilo City

Monday, January 7, 2008

Iloilo's prestigious and most colorful religion and cultural festival the Dinagyang Festival will once again give excitement to visitors around the country This January 25-27 2008. Not only the locals but also tourist around the world who wants to witness this biggest festivities of Iloilo City that is complete in merrymaking and non-stop street party. The Dinagyang Festival 2008 will bring one of a kind experience to tourist and visitors that could boast the economic and tourism development of the province.

In the past, Dinagyang has been awarded as the Best Tourism Event in the country in the 8th National Convention of the Association of Tourism Operators in the Philippines (ATOP) held in Camarines Sur. The pride and honor Dinagyang festival has brought to Iloilo should be an ownership of the entire Ilonggo. This achievement has encourage the Ilonggos to invite more tourist around the globe such as US, Europe and Australia to witness the yearly festival that is celebrated in honor of the Sto. Nino.

The Dinagyang Festival 2008 will be celebrated with the unsual worship of the Ilonggos to the Seņor Santo Nino with dramatized offerings and prayers. The addictive beats of the drums and the street dance of the people that shouts "Viva Seņor Santo Niņo" with the thundering "hala bira" of tribe members, makes this Dinagyang Festival one of a kind experience that you will never forget.

The Dinagyang Festival also showcase its culture and traditions for tourism by promoting its products, tourist attractions and many more in various trades and fairs that are organized by the local government of Iloilo City and organizers. In the festivities, collection of crafts, arts and literary works are showcased for the visitors and tourist to see. Local products such as variety of floral, garden and agricultural products, handicrafts, woodcrafts, metalcrafts and many more are also showcased.

This years Dinagyang Festival will be more exciting, colorful and superb that visitors and tourists will surely dance on the street while watching streetdancers dance in one beat in colorful ethnic costume in honor of the Seņor Santo Niņo. Come to Iloilo City and join the hundreds of people enjoying the Dinagyang Festival shouting the thundering words "hala bira" and "Viva Seņor Santo Niņo".

The 2008 Dinagyang Festival Schedule of Events


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