2008 Moriones Festival in Marinduque Philippines

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2008 Moriones Festival in Marinduque Philippines

This is a week long religious eventcelebrated by the people of Marinduque. Moriones Festival starts on Holy Monday and ends on Easter Sunday. The 2008 Moriones Festival is a very colorful event in the Philippines which people are eager to experience. Visitors such as tourists and locals will see the participants in colorful costumes re-enact the story of Longinus, a Roman centurion who, it is said, speared the crucified body of Jesus Christ. The 2008 Moriones Festival will be celebrated starting on March 17, 2008  and will end on March 23, 2008.

Legend has it that the blood which flowed from Christ’s body landed in Longinus’ bad eye, curing him of blindness. This miracle caused him to convert to Christianity and he was consequently hunted by his fellow centurions. This part of the story is dramatically retold by costumed participants, the Romans wearing huge painted masks depicting fearsome faces. The performances take place in various locations throughout the island of Marinduque.

Tourist and visitors are invited to witness and experience a different and unique kind of festival like Moriones Festival here in the Philippines. You can reach Marinduque by land and air. There are regular flights from Manila and travel time is approximately 45 minutes. From Manila there are bus services to Dalahican in Quezon Province, from where you take a fast craft ferry to Marinduque Island.

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