1st Russian Kiteboarding Camp in Boracay Philippines

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Philippines has attracted travelers and adventurers around the globe because of diving, trekking, surfing, biking, wakeboarding water sports and now there is another water sport that the Philippines should have a fresh look, the kiteboarding. Kiteboarding could be the next water sports phenomenon in the Philippines.

Boracay Island was selected to where the first Russian Kiteboarding and Windsurfing Camp will be held. Kiteboarding is a water sport of speed and altitude but aside from the thrill of kiteboarding, it provides a novel way to take in the fabulous scenic views of the Philippine islands paradise especially Boracay. This was exactly what travel journalists together with leading Russian journalists, tourists from Moscow and Vladivostok and sports enthusiasts were given a taste of.

What really is Kiteboarding?

This watersport is also known as kitesurfing. Kiteboarding is using the power of the kite to pull a rider that is riding a small kiteboard or surfboard through the water. The rider or known as the kiteboarder foot-straps himself on a board and sails and propels himself through the water using the power of a controllable kite. But this also uses the power of the wind. The wind must be strong and the blows must also be steady.

It is also known that kiteboarding are dictated by the monsoons. The northeast monsoon here in Boracay can bring spectacular and superb sailing conditions to the kiteboarders. Because the winds are the result of high pressure systems, they are cyclical. The wind increases in strength as the system approaches and drops off as the system moves away.

Philippines as Kiteboarding destination

Philippines is a good and premier destination for kiteboarding because it could give clear blue skies, warm weather and steady winds to kiteboarders especially when the northeast monsoon called ‘amihan’ blows in. In Boracay where the Kiteboarding and Windsurfing Camp was held, the amihan rustled the coconut palm trees all through the island lining the world famous white sand beach and created small white caps on the crystal clear waters of Bulabog. It gives a perfect setting for kiteboarding or kitesurfing.

Boracay Philippines is a good place for kitboarding. The promising winds which blow constantly for weeks are assured to the kitboarboaders. But there are times that southwest monsoon called the habagat and typhoons brings light fluctuating breezes and rain throughout most of the islands.

Boracay Philippines has world class facilities and accommodation. It has a beautiful and amazing coastline for kiteboarders to sail off. Boracay has numerous world class resorts, Luxury hotels and convention centers that are very affordable for accommodation. That is why Boracay is a prime destination for kiteboarding holiday for tourist especially for Europeans.

Localize the Kiteboarding Watersport

Kiteboarders and Dot also want to localize the this sport. Just like in Camarines Sur where it is a favorite destination for wakeboarding, so here the Department of Tourism (DoT) want to popularize the Kiteboarding watersport in Boracay Philippines.

Assistant Secretary of Tourism for Sports and Wellness Cynthia Carrion said “that the Philippines is the kind of destination that kiteboarders should discover and dream about. When the northeast monsoon – called the ‘amihan’ blows in, it brings clear blue skies, warm weather and steady winds.”

She Added that: “Although the sport is still in its infancy stage here, the island is already well set up for kiteboarding enthusiasts and more are on the way in other parts of the country. There is also a small but thriving local kiteboarding scene and perhaps one of the best amateur kiteboarding events in the region.”

The first Russian Kiteboarding and wind surfing camp gives a very promising and bigger competition event in the future in one of Asia’ most beautiful resort island, Boracay.

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