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Philippine Surfing Sites Destination

Philippines is blessed with world-class beach resorts, magnificent dive sites, enchanting natural attractions, amazing eco-tourism, beautiful islands, incredible scenery, cultural and historical heritage, friendly and loving people, and many more. There is another tourist attraction and destination that Philippines has to offer worldwide, the Philippines surfing spots and sites destination. This tourist attraction, Philippines surfing spots and sites destination, is targeting surfers around the world.

The Department of Tourism (DoT) is promoting Philippines as a Haven of Premier Surfing destination. With Philippines that has 7,107 islands and is surrounded by great bodies of water such as the roaring Pacific Ocean bordering the eastern coastline and the South China Sea on the western coastline and is visited by many typhoons every year, Philippines surfing sites and spots will not disappoint you if you are a surfer. Philippines coastline is twice as long as the United States which means that it has very big potential to become an international surfing destination.

Surfing in the Philippines is not new and also its surfing destinations. In the sixties or earlier, surfers already enjoyed the majestic waves of these surfing sites and destinations. But it is not popular to the world because it is not known. It is only known to the travelers who adventured and visited these surfing sites which are unexplored and unexploited. But today, surfers around the world together with the locals are enjoying the beautiful waves of the surfing sites and spots.


What is the Best Time to Surf and where in the Philippines?

Surfing in the Philippines is both seasonal and temperamental so it is best that you should know when is the best time to surf and where. Philippines surfing sites and destinations can either be in the east coast and the west coast but the east coast is better for surfing. The east coast is facing the Pacific Ocean and it gets terrific waves from the monsoons, low depression tropical storms and typhoons.

In the east coast, the best months to surf is November going to April during the north east monsoon or the amihan. There are many typhoons that comes in this month and you can imagine the magnificent waves that surfing sites in the east coast can give you. In the month of May going to October in the east coast is not reliable and inconsistent for surfing. The monsoon that arrives in this months is the south west monsoon.

In the west coast of the Philippines, surfing is more inconsistent. it relies on the winds through the Taiwan Straights during the north east monsoon. But you can also hit waves in the west coast if the typhoon heads towards Hong Kong.

So if you want to make sure that you can have a fantastic waves for you to surf, you best chance that you can get is in the east coast during the north east monsoon or the amihan. This is the best time and place that you can surfing in the Philippines.


The best surfing site destination in the Philippines

 >> Badoc Island, Ilocos Norte Province  >> Baler, Aurora Province  >> Catanduanes
 >> Daet, Camarines Norte Province  >> La Union Province  >> Samar
 >> Siargao Island  >> Vigan, Ilocos Sur Province  >> Zambales Province

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