Still, what is really the point?

I notice, sometimes, that people will introduce me/James/Megan/Brian/Joannna as as "s/he does Moistworks?" This always draws blank stares and silence. We all know that there are, out there, brilliant, sensitive, powerful people who would sleep with us simply for filling their iPods so brilliantly. Why else would four guys, four dudes - sorry, M & J, four men and women - get together and form a rock blog? But we'll never meet them, those people, and if we did they (& it) would be weird. That said, we'd love to ask them & you for money. ((If more or less all of you sent us a buck a week, we'd more or less make the rent.) (Don't do it, though: Send kevlar to Iraq. Write your Congressmanorwoman about Darfur. Send stuff that will actually keep people from dying (click one of the links to your left).))

Personally, I find the idea of "having" a blog a bit embarrassing, and hope that MW belongs to you as much as it does to us. When that fails, I blame the feeling on James.

Am I bitching? I don't mean to bitch. I don't even know how Brian feels - I missed his last time in New York, and North Carolina is a long time away. Megan, too, is far away in Chicago. James and I live in Brooklyn and Queens and have lunch once a week or so in Manhattan - Island Burger & Shakes, over on 9th Avenue. That's how Moistworks works.