The stylish Handmade Home Decor Sea Shell Collections

Written on August 14, 2009 – 8:09 am | by Newsman |

Many people loves the beach so much that they want to go to the beach with their family, friends and love ones. In the beach, people loves to dive to the sea water and swim. Children loves to play on the sand and wanted to build sand castles. But one of the things that people do when they in the beach is to collect sea shells. There are many people who are searching for shells and collect them. Well of course the beach has many different kinds sea shells with different design and color and sizes and these sea shells are very attractive that you want to collect it.

So the question now is, what are you going to do with the sea shells that you have collected in the beach at home? Are you going to throw it away?

There are lots of useful things that can be made out of these sea shells. These sea shells can be made into any handycraft you want and display it in your home. Adults and children can create a handmade jewelry with these sea shells.

I was amazed when I visited my friends house and saw what he has done to the sea shells that he and hi family collected every time they go to the beach. He created a home decor out of these seashells and displays it in his home. The home decor seashell collection that he made are like stylish gift items that can be found in the stores. I also saw tha ash tray that he made out of the sea shell that he collection in the beach. Not only home decor sea shell collections that my friend and his family created but also fashionable shell jewelry. The small shells that was collected is combined with other material and handmade it into a beautiful necklaces and bracelets. He, his wife and children done thi simple but extraordinary things together with fun.

Actually there are still lots of extraordinary things that can be created by using this natural material sea shells. If you happen to collect shells when you go to the beach, don’t throw these beautiful shells but make it into a wonderful home decor or a shell jewelry.

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