Sunken Biggest Japanese Warship To Refloat, Swiss Global Offers Services

Written on October 23, 2008 – 5:57 am | by Newsman |

In the seas of Sibuyan, Romblon, Philippines where lies once the biggest and most powerful Japanese battleship, the Musashi warship, that was sunk on October 24, 1944 during World War II. In the province of Romblon, Allied forces unleashed torpedos and bombs to the Musashi warship that lead to its destruction and hit the bottom of the Sibuyan Sea.

But there is a report that this once sunken biggest and powerful Japanese warship will refloat again and will become a tourist attraction. Right now, negotiations are under way for the plan of salvaging the sunken Japanese warship, the Musashi warship. This has develop because a Switzerland-based company, the Swiss Global Connect, has offered the service to salvage the Musashi warship and refloat it.

The Swiss company sent a letter to Toshihiko Suzuki, the chief executive officer of AIPAC (Asian Countries and Islands Optical Fiber Communication Establishment and Philippines Properties in Asia) through Filipino businessman Antonio Datuin, Ashroff Gaffoor, director of Swiss Global that they are capable of salvaging the giant Japanese warship.

AIPac will be the one to provide the funding to this project since it was reported that they have billions of Euros and dollars that is deposited in BS Bank in Zurich, Switzerland. Toshihiko Suzuki and Kiyoshi Goto will work with the concerned Philippine Agency in salvaging the sunken Japanese warship since they represents the government of Japan. A foundation in Romblon named ROCHAI (Romblon Homeowners and Cultural Association) headed by its chairman, retired General Dominador Resos, will be the project proponent. Resos and the group of Suzuki has been working together on the salvaging project and are planing to make this warship into a tourist attraction.

The sunken Japanese warship, the Musashi warship, will be towed to the Carabao Island once it is refloted and will be converted and develop into a war museum. Carabao Island will be developed into a tourist spot. Residents and locals of this province and nearby province will benefit in this project since internation airport, seaport, hotels and other world class amenities will be develop.

Not only in tourism that the refloating of the sunken Japanese Musashi warship is proposing but this is also a tribute to the friendship of the Filipino and Japanese people. Many people will benefit in this project especially the relatives of the crews of the sunken vessel.

Dubbed as the world’s biggest battleship, Japan’s Musashi with a crew contingent of 3,500 (not 1,023 as some historians claim) to its watery grave some 1,000 meters underwater in the Sibuyan Sea.

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  1. 5 Responses to “Sunken Biggest Japanese Warship To Refloat, Swiss Global Offers Services”

  2. By Ryan on Feb 23, 2009 | Reply

    I really dont think they should go through with this, because isnt it a war grave to over 1,000 IJN men? and if they do go ahead with this scheme, i certainly dont think they should make it a tourist attraction! It should either be left where it is as a reminder of the war. or a memorial, to the brave men who died on her.

  3. By Johnny on Mar 19, 2009 | Reply

    Is it even possible? The Musashi weighed at 72 thousand tons, wouldent it be better to just built a Yamato battleship as a museum?

  4. By Charles Bauer on May 5, 2009 | Reply

    This is a totally impossible task. what are those Swiss smoking>? I am sure by the time it
    hit the bottom, it was totally destroyed. Why would the Filipino people want to see such a project and be constantly reminded as to the atrocities committed by the Japanese during their occupation of the Philippines. Come on…lets get serious!

  5. By Jackson on Nov 25, 2010 | Reply

    A few things dont make sense here 1.This is a War grave to many Japanese sailors.
    2.The people Philipines probably wont want to see a Japanese battle ship as a tourist attraction 3. This might remind them of the terrible Battan death march

  6. By Harlan on Dec 27, 2010 | Reply

    I read all the statements here but yet understand both filipino and Japanese culture as well. Musashi was a great sword master and a legend in Japan so it is seen as a great honor to bring the Musashi back in the eyes of the Japanese but yet the great battleship will give back what she has taken to the filipinos if it is raised from her watery grave. Ive been to the Phils before and heard all the stories about gold hidden and all the folklore

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