Francis Magalona Died at the Medical City in Pasig City

Written on March 6, 2009 – 9:36 am | by Newsman |

Many were shocked and could not believe when the tragic news was broke out about the death of Rapper-TV host Francis Magalona. His co-hosts at the noontime show of GMA Network show “Eat Bulaga” announce this tragic news of his death. Francis Magalona who is considered the father of Pinoy Rap died at the Medical City in Pasig City at 12 o’clock noon Friday March 6, 2009. Francis Magalona was 44 years old.

Reliable sources said that he Francis Magalona died to multiple organ failure “secondary to severe sepsis and secondary to pneumonia”. This was divulge by a doctor (name withheld) who have no authority to talk to the media.

It was said that by thursday night, the famous Filipino Rapper-TV host Francis Magalona was rushed to the Medical City hospital. Upon admission, Magalona was “intubated” and was the placed in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at around 3 AM Friday. During the early of hours of Friday, he was considered toxic and died 12 Noon.

But before this tragic death, Francis Magalona has been undergoing chemotherapy for several months. He was already awaiting for a bone morrow transplant. But his condition worsen last Thursday night and was rushed to the hospital.

In August 2008, Francis Magalona was diagnose of leukemia but was kept secret because he don’t want a media circus. But according to his wife Pia Arroyo-Magalona, the disease manifested itself gradually, almost unnoticeably. Doctors raised the family’s hope, saying the rapper’s condition was treatable.

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  2. By jHoNaLhYn on Jul 20, 2009 | Reply

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  3. By MD,RN,USRN on Jun 14, 2012 | Reply

    Francis Magalona died because of Hypostatic Pneumonia. In short, he was diagnosed having the II and III stage pero his Doctor supposedly gave level IV and V treatment. This all I know for now. A source is from a member of Cancer Association. This is very confidential, and may be accurate BUT that Doctor killed Francis M. Maputing doctor, kalbo, nakasalamin from Medical City.

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