Philippine Adventure Travel Mt. Pulag Trekking Expedition Destination

Mt. Pulag is one of the popular Philippine mountain summit expedition trekking and hiking destination in the Philippines. Mount Pulag is considered as the second highest mountain in the Philippines and is next to Mount Apo in Mindanao. This beautiful mountain has a strategic location that covers 11,550 hectares with parts in Benguet, Ifugao, and Nueva Vizcaya.With its height at 2,922 feet above sea level, this mountain has one of the best sunset and sunrise views in the country. Many people who trek in Mt. pulag says that this mountain has the famous sunset in the country.

In the Cordillera Area, Mt. Pulag has one of the most beautiful Philippine National Parks. This enchanting mountain has a very distinct characteristics that captivates the hearts of the trekkers and adventurers. Mount Pulag changes color on different occasions and season. This mountain is similar to the color of the Chocolate Hills of Bohol during the dry season. during the rainy season, the color of this mountain is very similar to the well-maintained golf course which it turns to light green going to dark green rolling plains.

Many mountain trekkers and climers are amazed by the beauty of Mount Pulag. This mountain attracts a lot of mountain climbers and trekkers in the Philippines. It also attracts tourist and foreign adventurers that loves to climb and trek mountains. They want to conquer Mt. Pulag and want to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Mountains of Benguet. There are lots of excitement, scenic view and wildlife that Mt. Pulag offers to adverturers and trekkers. Exotic bird can also be found in Mount Pulag such as Pied Bushchat, Red-rumped Swallow, Elegant Tit, White-eye sp., Large-billed Crow, Pacific Swallow, Whiskered Treeswift and Luzon Water-Redstart. There are about 33 bird species that can be found in Mt. Pulag.

The ecology and the endangered animals of Mount Pulag must be protected and that is why in 1987, This mountain is declared as a National Park. Locals peoples living in tribes at Mount Pulag call this mountain their home and is also considers a a very sacred mountain.

How to get there to Mt. Pulag

The trip to Pulag usually starts from the 8-hour bus trip from Manila to Baguio.  This can be best done overnight so that you can rest throughout the entire trip.  The bus that leaves Manila by 10-12 PM is the best trip to take.  Arrange your transportation by hiring a jeepney parked along the Caltex station near Burnham park and Session road or by taking the Norton buses (Northern Transit Terminal Station at the top of Magsaysay Avenue) bound for Kabayan Benguet.  There are three established trail for Mt. Pulag namely the Ambangeg (Babadac), Ellet (Eddet) and Kabayan (Akiki or Killer Trail).  Another trail goes directly to Kayapa, Nueva Vizcaya which is known as the Lusod trail.

Mt. Pulag Trekking and Hiking Expedition Tour

5 days 4 nights Mt. Pulag Trekking Expedition

The activities that the 5D/4N Mt. Pulag Trekking Expedition Tours includes camping at Babalak Station and trekking Mt. Pulag plateau at 3000 meters. Temperature can go as low as 0 degree Celsius due to high winds at topside. Thermal jackets or windbreakers needed for chill protection.

Tour Expedition Inclusions:

  • Two nights hotel accommodation and 2 nights tent accomodation
  • Full board
  • Mountain guide and porter for common camping equipment

For more information about this 5 days 4 nights Mt. Pulag Trekking Expedition, Click Here.


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