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Bohol is located in Central Visayas and is the 10th largest island of the Philippines. Bohol has been on the tourist map all over the world and it still is until now. The island’s inviting white sand beaches and refreshing resorts, the world famous Chocolate Hills, enchanting limestone formation and the Philippine Tarsier which is the smallest primate in the world are only some of the attractions that Bohol has to offer.

The island’s mountainous interior plays host to rare and endangered flora and fauna. There is also an abundance of caves in Bohol which makes it a very ideal place for spelunking safaris. The magnificent beaches in Panglao Island make a great starting point the numerous diving spots located around and near the area. These diving spots are world famous and many divers, locals and international as well often go back for more every year. The fine weather almost every day makes diving visibility clearer. Bohol is also host to the world famous Chocolate Hills. The Chocolate Hills are located in Carmen, Batuan and Sagbayan. These hills form almost perfect cones. The limestone in these hills turn to brown during the summer months thus earning the name chocolate hills. During the wet season, the limestone turns green. The Chocolate Hills, especially the ones in Carmen are on the list of natural wonders of the Philippines.

Running through Bohol are four main rivers and of the four, the Loboc River is the most known because of its river cruises and floating restaurants. There are also many waterfalls in Bohol that includes the stunning Mag-aso Falls that is famous for its mist especially on humid mornings. The island can be reached by both air and water transportation.

Bohol offers its visitors a wide range of accommodation by way of hotels, condos and the many resorts that dots the coastline. Visitors can choose from the budget-friendly ones to the five-star accommodations. Wining and dining can be had at the different restaurants, especially in the resort areas. These restaurant dishes out international cuisine as well as native dishes.

The Jewel of the Philippines is such an enticing place and visitors are in for a nice vacation treat.


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  • Deadline for FULL PAYMENT is 7 days before your tour schedule. Important: Failure to pay before the deadline will automatically cancel your booking confirmation.
  • CANCELLATION: Should you wish to cancel your trip, a written notification is required.
  • CANCELLATION made before 14 days of your tour schedule is 50% refundable of the full price.
  • CANCELLATION made in less than 14 days of your tour schedule is strictly non-refundable. (Your hotel bookings, airport transfers are paid in advance.)
  • We reserve the right to change the price on the tour package without notice should fluctuations occur in boat, air, land, fuel costs or currency rates. However, we will honor the price stated in your invoice once you have paid the tour package in full.
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