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Philippine Heroes or Filipino Heroes

One of the greatest blessings in a country is the have people who strongly fight and stand up for what they believe in is right. They are a country's pride - the heroes. These men and women played a major part in ensuing the freedom of the Philippines.

The Philippine heroes are the people that have fought for freedom and independence or to fight back against oppression. Many of the Philippine heroes were revolutionaries in fight for independence against the colonizers. There are also those that have fought to uphold freedom and independence.

List of Philippine National Heroes
Dr. Jose Rizal - The National Hero.
Andres Bonifacio - The Great Plebian and Father of the Katipunan.
General Gregorio del Pilar - Hero of the Battle of Tirad Pass.
General Emilio Aguinaldo - President of the First Philippine Republic.
Apolinario Mabini - Sublime Paralytic and Brains of the Revolution.
Doņa Teodora Alonzo y Realonda - Mother and first teacher of Jose Rizal.
Father Mariano Gomez - One of the Priest of GOMBURZA.
Emilio Jacinto y Dizon - Brains of the Katipunan.
Cayetano Arellano - First Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
Father Jacinto Zamora - One of the three martyr priests, the GOMBURZA.
GOMBURZA - Martyred Priests of 1872.
Trece Martirez - 13 Martyrs from Cavite.
General Antonio Luna - Cofounder of La Independencia.
Melchora Aquino (Tandang Sora) - Mother of Balintawak.
Graciano Lopez-Jaena - Greatest Filipino Orator of the Propaganda Movement.
Panday Pira - First Filipino Cannon-maker.
Mariano Ponce - Propagandist, Historian, Diplomat And Managing Editor of La Solidaridad.
Gregoria de Jesus - Lakambini of Katipunan and Wife of Andres Bonifacio.
General Vicente Lim - Brigadier General who was executed by the Japanese Imperial Army.
Fernando Ma. Guerrero - Poet of the Revolution.
Jose Abad Santos y Basco - 5th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines.
Felipe Agoncillo - Outstanding Diplomat of the First Philippine Republic.
Francisco Baltazar Balagtas y Dela Cruz - Prince of Tagalog Poets.
Rafael Palma - Cofounder of La Independencia and First UP president .
Juan Luna - Greatest and Famous Filipino Painter.
Marcelo H. Del Pilar - Greatest Journalist and Moving Spirit of the Propaganda Movement.
Leona Florentino - First Filipino Poetess(from Ilocos Sur).
Pedro Paterno - Peacemaker of the Revolution.
Father Jose Apolonio Burgos - youngest priest of the GOMBURZA martyrs
Isabelo delos Reyes - Founder of Philippine Socialism.
Artemio Ricarte - Revolutionary General, known as Viborra.
Miguel Malvar y Carpio - Last Filipino general who surrendered to the Americans.
Jose Palma - Wrote the Spanish Lyrics of the Philippine National Anthem.
Felipe Calderon - Drafted the Malolos Constitution.
Lakandola - Chief of Tondo, Friendly to the Spaniards.
Rajah Soliman - The Last Rajah of Manila.
Leonor Rivera - Cousin and Fiancee of Jose Rizal.
Tomas Pinpin - Prince of Filipino Printers.
Marcela Mariņo Agoncillo - Maker of the First Filipino Flag.
Galicano Apacible - One of the Founders of Katipunan.
Jose Ma. Panganiban - Bicolandia's Greatest Contribution to the Historic Campaign for Reforms.
Diego Baltazar Silang - Leader of the Ilocano Revolt.
Maria Josefa Gabriela Silang - First Filipino woman to lead a revolt against Spanish colonization.
Lapu-Lapu - Chieftain of Mactan Who Killed Magellan. First Filipino Hero.
Francisco Dagohoy - Leader of the Longest Revolt in Bohol.
Epifanio delos Santos - A Man of Many Talents; the Former Highway 54 is Now Named After him (EDSA).
Teresa Magbanua - First Woman Fighter in Panay. Visayan Joan of Arc.
Trinidad Tecson - Mother of Biak-na-Bato.
Agueda Esteban - Wife of Artemio Ricarte Who Carried Secret Messages About Spanish Troops.
Marina Dizon - Daughter of One of the Trece Martirez.
General Francisco Makabulos - Leader of the Revolt in Tarlac.
Julian Felipe - Composer of the Philippine National Anthem.

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