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Philippine President - MANUEL ROXAS y ACUNA

Manuel Roxas - Fifth Philippine PresidentFifth President of the Philippines, Last President of the Philippine Commonwealth and First President of the Third Republic of the Philippines
May 28, 1946 - April 5, 1948

Date of Birth: January 1, 1892
Place of Birth: Capiz
Father: Gerardo Roxas
Mother: Rosario Acuna
Espouse: Trinidad de Leon
Children: Ruby and Gerardo
Date of Birth: April 15, 1948
Place of Death: Angeles City,Pampanga
Cause of death: Heart Attack
Age at Death: 56

Elementary and Secondary
Pampublikong Paaralan ng Capiz
College of St. Joseph in HongKong
Mataas na Paaralan ng Maynila
Bachelor of Law, University of the Philippines
  • Topped the bar examination in 1913.
  • Worked as Personal Secretary of Supreme Justice Cayetano Arellano.
  • Taught Law at the Philippine Law School and National University.
  • Was a town counselor of Capiz.
  • Elected governor of Capiz in 1919.
  • Named chairman of the Provincial Governors Convention.
  • Ran for Congressman of Capiz in 1922 and won.
  • Was Speaker of the House of Representatives (1935).
  • With Osmena, he led the mission about Independence from the United States and was helped by Jorge Jacobo, Jayme de Veyra and Catalino Lavandia.
  • His group obtained the Hare-Hawes-Cutting Act from the US Congress, which gave independence to the Philippines for ten years.
  • Named Outstanding Representative at the Constitutional Convention in 1934-1935.
  • Named Secretary of Finance by Quezon.
  • Was Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Economic Council.
  • Topped the senatorial race in the 1941 election.
  • Served in the Philippine Army when the World War II broke out.
  • Aide d' Camp of Gen. Douglas McArthur in Corregidor.
  • Was President of the Philippine Commonwealth on April 23, 1946.
  • Was President of the Philippines during the Japanese regime.
  • Headed the Preparatory Commission for Philippine Independence which aimed at persuading the Filipinos to surrender and come to terms with the Japanese.
  • One of those who made the Constitution of the Japanese-Sponsored-Philippine Republic.
  • On July 5, 1943, people who were mad at him tried to kill him because of his friendship with the Japanese.
  • Captured by the Japanese in Mindanao and detained at Camp Casisag.
  • Joined hand with the United States to uplift the economy of the country ravaged by war.
  • Under his reign, an agreement on the Philippine Trade Act of 1946 was reached where a free trade between the Philippines and America was established.

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