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Joseph Estrada - Thirteenth Philippine PresidentThirteenth President of the Republic of the Philippines
June 30, 1998 - Jan. 20, 2001

Date of Birth: April 19, 1937
Place of Birth: Tondo, Manila
Father: Engr. Emilio Ejercito
Mother: Maria Marcelo
Espouse: Dra. Luisa Pimentel
Children: Jinggoy, Jacqueline and Jude

Elementary and High School
Tondo, Manila
San Juan, Metro Manila
Ateneo de Manila University
Mapua Institute of Technology
Doctor of Humanities,honoris causa, Pamantasan ng Pangasinan, (1990)
  • Started as a movie actor in 1950 at the age of 21 after dropping out of school and appeared in more than 120 movies.
  • Awarded Ten Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) for Public Service by the Philippine Jaycees in 1972.
  • Installed in the FAMAS Hall of Fame after winning Best Actor and Producer of the Best Picture in 1981 and 1984.
  • Was Mayor of San Juan, Metro Manila for 17 years (1969-1986).
  • Won in the senatorial race in the 1987 national election.
  • Honored by the Philippine Free Press Magazine as one of the three Most Outstanding Senators of the Year in 1989.
  • Chairman, Senate Committee on Agricultural and rural development and Public Works.
  • Vice Chairman of the committees on Health, Natural Resources Ecology and Urban Development.
  • Voted to end the Military Base Treaty between the Philippines and the United States in 1991.
  • Popularized the slogan Erap Para sa Mahirap.
  • Elected Vice-President of the Republic of the Philippines in 1992.
  • Head, Presidential Anti-Crime, Commission.
  • Founder and President, Movie Workers Welfare Foundation, Inc.
  • Chosen Governor of the Film Academy of the Philippines.
  • Adviser, Philippine Motion Picture Producers Association (PMPPA)
  • Founder and President, ERAP Para sa Mahirap Foundation
  • President the Republic of the Philipines. (May 11, 1998).
  • The first president to be prosecuted because of abuse of power and his involvement to some illegal activities November 13, 2000.
  • Forcibly relieved of his position due to loss of confidence of the people, resignation of several cabinet members, and the transfer of support and allegiance of his military officers to his opponent which caused the success of People Power Revolution known as EDSA II.
  • Arrested on April 25, 2001 while his case was being tried.
  • Presently under House Arrest at his house in Tanay, Rizal while his plunder case is still going on.

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